Monday, 4 March 2013


Hello everyone... I know it has been far too long... I have been meaning to update my blog but life has has other plans and diverted me I'm afraid.
2013 has been very busy so far. I do wish I had the time to come here more often! Work, home, family and my little chick of course take so much looking after I am often too exhausted to type at the end of the day. I also unfortunately have had some personal issues to be dealt with and needed a blogging break.

There has been lots of good things happening though! Little chick is growing bigger every day and looking all grown up - I don't know where my baby has gone! I had to go into her School last week and talk about my (library) job to her class. I was soooo nervous, but it was lovely... Today they did a trip to our local Library and I helped walk them there and back. One of my colleagues Lynne read them stories, the kids were fantastic & they seemed to really enjoy it!

I crocheted some lovely hats as Christmas pressies for my friend's children. I also managed to crochet a Peter Pan collar for myself :) and here is the finished product:

I love it - especially the dotty button!

It has snowed here in Manchester a good few times, but didn't last too long. The girls weren't bothered by it really -  It just made their little feet a bit cold!

We also managed to fit a spot of baking in! It was a fun thing to do during the half term holiday on a cloudy wet day... Little chick is becoming quite an expert now and just loves decorating and sprinkling little buns ;)

I've also been out on plenty of therapeutic walks these past few weeks... I find the time really helps to clear my head and lets me take stock of my life at present. I took a walk through our local park and chanced upon some lovely snowdrops. I just adore snowdrops as they always remind me that Spring is on the way:

And of course no trip to the park would be the same without a walk round the duck pond and saying hello to the ducks ;)

And finally... a funny one! My little chick managed to make a mini snowman who now lives in the freezer and is called Icy!!! He looks a bit like a roadkill snowman but he makes me laugh and here he is:

Lol!!! see what I mean?

This has been the past few weeks of my hectic life. There has been ups, downs, good times, bad times, happy times, sad times and creative times. This is my life and I wouldn't change a thing. Happy 2013 my lovelies - I hope everyone enjoys this year no matter what is happening in your life xxxxxx

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