Tuesday, 5 March 2013


I'm just a tad excited... the sun has been lovely and Spring is finally coming... and so is my Birthday! It's a few weeks away yet (and not a special one or anything) but I have already started dropping hints to my family with regards to what I would like :)
Nothing too fancy or expensive - and I'm asking everyone to chip in...

Well - what do you think? It's only a very basic one from John Lewis and it costs £49.00. I don't have any grand illusions of becoming a master seamstress! However, I do have plans for it in my basic crafty projects and it's such a gorgeous colour too ;) I really do have my heart set on it. My Mum thinks I've gone bonkers of course!  I also am harbouring secret plans to tidy up renovate my spare box room into my own little craft room! Oooooh what fun I am having daydreaming over crafty space for myself and Little Chick!
My other Birthday wish is to have a girly afternoon tea and take my Mum, Sister, Niece & Little Chick of course! I recently visited the Sugar Junction tearoom on Tib St in the Northern Quarter, Manchester and I loved it! It's very friendly and compact but plays 40's/50's music, has a lovely vintage feel to it (but in a down to earth way) & serves everything on mismatched vintage china. I took my Mum and we had cauliflower & almond soup for lunch followed by chocolate & Guinness cake (me) and coffee and walnut cake (Mum) plus a big pot of tea. Everything was delicious! I can wholeheartedly recommend it and hope to return again very soon.
Here's the linky thing so you can take a peek: http://www.sugarjunction.co.uk/

Well my bed is calling and I'm off to dream about craft room design ;) I think I must be getting really old and past it!
Take care & speak soon Cxxxxxx

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  1. Love the bright red sewing machine and do hope you end up with it ☺
    All birthdays are special, so early happy birthday from me xo