Monday, 2 July 2012

The very busy month of June

Well I've had a very busy June!
My blogging update is a little delayed... but I am getting a bit better at it!
We had a lovely holiday to Gran Canaria (little chick had a ball) the 1st week (and the 2nd week of the School holidays). We left good old blighty at the right time as the weather has been so awful! Rain, rain and more rain... Floods, wind, hail and thunder! Anyway - I'll post a couple of photos of lovely, sunny Gran Canaria:

The view from our balcony

Little chick on Puerto Rico beach

We seemed to adopt a little posh pigeon Canarian collared dove whilst we were there! Every morning without fail he would perch very patiently on the balcony until we woke... Little chick loved him so I didn't mind her feeding him some bread and cheese...

Awww... he was very sweet and little chick was very upset we had to leave him.

We returned home to frrrreeezzzing cold weather! Quite shockingly cold to be honest. June is usually a nice month weatherwise, but not this year. Then we celebrated little chick's birthday :)  and had a party at home. Believe me when I say the heavens opened! It never stopped! We managed to erect a gazebo in the front so at least the littlies could play outside with the sandpit and the outdoorsy toys. Unfortunately we had to rescue and dismantle the gazebo next morning as it nearly went off into the sky like Dorothy's house from the Wizard of Oz!!! In fact it was halfway out the street but got stuck on some telephone wires and a tree! A bit un-nerving but we sorted it.

Gruffalo cake :)

The past fortnight has been about us getting back to reality: school, work, home and the usual domestic chores of everyday life. I am always glad to come back home. Even though I love holidays I really miss our girls (the hens) and our cat Phoebe. The night we came back Phoebe had the biggest snuggle on me and dribbled (yuck!) so much, I knew she had missed us. My Mum and a friend and neighbour had looked after her brilliantly but we are her people pets and she wanted her house a bit noisier!

This weekend Little chick had the school bear Fifi teddy staying over  :) It's allegedly because she has been sleeping in her own bed by herself, but I know that strictly isn't true ;) haha! We had to take some photos and write about her time here, so I can't resist posting one:

Fifi has a nightie on ready for bed! The blanket below Fifi is my very first crocheted blanket! It is a bit wonky but I am very proud of it... Little chick calls it her rainbow snuggle blanket and if she's happy then I'm happy :) That's all that matters really, isnt it?

I'll post more about my current crochet projects in a later post x
Take care and see you soon my lovelies xxxxxx

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  1. How wonderful to see some sun, and at least there was a birthday celebration to return to ;-)