Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The dreaded lurgy...

Has been upon us here at the Rosiechook residence... Apologies for the lack of updated blogs but the lurgy invaded! This is just a mini blogette until I have my full strength back. I do feel a tadge miffed as I have quite a few thoughts buzzing around my head that I want to share! It can wait...

Breaking chicken news - Dotty isn't broody!!! 9 weeks of hell we have had! The other girls are still shunning her though. I feel quite sorry for her, even though she has driven me mad!

Crochet news - I still am in love with the granny stripe! I have had to put my lovely blanket aside temporarily whilst I start on a rose pink/cream baby granny for a baby girl (who will be due very soon)... Hopefully it will whizz up quickly so I can carry on with my own! I will Ta-dah it as soon as I am finished!

That's all for now, night my lovelies xxx

1 comment:

  1. Hope the lurgy has flown and you are enjoying the summer.
    Carol xx