Monday, 30 July 2012

Our day out...

Last week was a busy week for the Rosiechook residence... Little chick broke up from School and I was still poorly with the lurgy which meant a trip to the Doctors. I officially have been diagnosed with Asthma and given steroids and an inhaler... It kinds of explains why I was awake every night sounding like Darth Vader! The virus has weakened my chest and the pollen levels have been so high they are triggering an allergic reaction - what a nightmare! Anyway, I am feeling much better now, thank goodness.
My better health also meant a nice little jaunt out to Salford Quays today. Mr RC booked the day off work so we could take Little Chick to see Ice Age 4 at the cinema and do a spot of shopping!
It was very enjoyable... The weather was awful this morning, but did clear for the afternoon (it was a bit windy and cold though). After the cinema we went for some lunch at Bella Italia and Little Chick ate her own ice cream plus half of mine - the little monkey!
Before we came home we had a little walk around. I am very fond of Salford Quays as I was born and grew up in the area. Salford Quays was originally the old docks and the Manchester Ship Canal passes through. It has undergone a total transformation and is totally unlike the thriving working port it once was, but I always feel at home here knowing so many of my family lived and worked so nearby. The BBC have just moved here to MediaCityUK and there is The Lowry Theatre with a gallery dedicated to L.S. Lowry and the Imperial War Museum North.
I took some photos - but apologies in advance for the quality as they were taken on my phone!

Lowry theatre to the right looking towards the bridge


Looking further up from MediaCityUK

The Tower of the Lowry Theatre

My little balloon girl :)

We arrived home at 4pm... and no little jaunt would be fun without shopping for some goodies :) would it? Incredibly bargainous goodies no less!

I bought some lovely beads as Little Chick was desperate to make some beady jewellery - she is very creative, bless her and is an absolute expert at junk modelling! Don't you just love the colours of these beady beauties?

The Beads were from this shop where I also bought this gorgeously cute book

I just love some of the projects inside and may have to have a little try at making some :)

Soooo sweet!

Gorgeous flower and colours :)

and how about these buttons...sooo intricate!

I have always had a *thing* for buttons! My beloved Nan had a massive box of vintage 1920's/1930's ones and I used to love looking through them. I am definitely an accessories girl and she was too so I must have inherited the Genes from her ;)

Then we moved on to Whittard of Chelsea and I just love this shop! It's so very quirky, English and eccentric! Well I managed to sneak into my basket purchase two lovely sample mugs for the princely sum of... TWO English Pounds each! What a bargain! I took a photo of my favourite - I just love the Mackintosh type Rose and the nod to an Emma Bridgewater design:
Lovely cuppa!

Well my lovelies, my bed is calling and I am off to make a nice cup of tea now in my pretty mug before I retire for the night :) Take care and will see you all soon xxx


  1. Glad the treatment is working and you were able to enjoy your lovely day out. The book looks excellent, some nice projects to keep you busy.
    Carol xx

  2. What a lovely and inspiring post even if the health news isn't great better to know and get treated to improve your quality of life! Thank you for following me...I'm following you too now :)

    Fiona x

  3. Hi Carol and Fiona ;) I am feeling much better thank you x and the book is so cute!
    Thank you for following Fiona! make sure you keep bobbing in, I will pop by yours later :) xx